Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dr. Tamara and nurse GeJuan have been working very hard in the clinic this week. They saw 80 patients their first day and 60 their second. Today, in addition to seeing patients, Tamara held a class for her patients with sickle cell. She had about 15 attendees. She i now gearing up for pregnancy day tomorrow.

Jimmy has been continuing some of his lessons with some of the kids he was working with while he was interning here over the summer. He has also been helping out with a few other tasks around PID.

Yesterday, we picked up the little girl who had the surgery from the hospital. Everything went smoothly, and she was smiling. We dropped her off with her family back to the tent camp in Damien where she lives to recover.

On Monday and Tuesday the sponsorship kids and parents came to pick up their money for the month. Mr. Genois and Isabelle are passing the message out to all the kids in the program about the big PID sponsorship Chrismas party which will happen next month.

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