Friday, October 19, 2012

Operation Day!

On Tuesday morning I was up early to meet Kevin and his mother Juana at 5:15 in the park in San Antonio. And then we were on our way to the hospital!

We arrived before six and began waiting. Around 9:30 I decided to ask the secretary if she could find out how much longer and she said just a little bit longer. About 5 minutes later we were called in to get prepped for surgery.

He went in with Dr. Byron around 10 am and came out about 11:30. He then went into a recovery room where he was hooked up to an IV and a heart monitor. Once he woke up the nurse put on "no-no's" - little things on the arms so that he couldn't put his hands in his mouth. Then she started to feed him watered down gatorade with a syringe. For the next three weeks he will only be able to eat with a syringe so that the wound doesn't open up.

After about half and hour in recovery we moved into the ward where he and his mom would spend the night. Around 5 pm I headed off and stayed overnight in a hotel.

Then back again in the morning around 9. Nurses came by to clean the wound one more time and then we were given instructions and then free to go home! And Kevin was certainly ready to get home.

On Thursday it was back again early with Carlitos and his mom Maria.  This time we were lucky and he was the first one to enter into surgery.

He was out after about 1 hr. and 45 minutes. Then on to recovery where he mostly slept. He wasn't fussy or unhappy or anything. He just wanted to sleep.

His mom told me that he spends most of his day swinging in a hammock and sleeping. What a life!

This morning I was back at the hospital and we left around 10:15 am. And would you believe it that I had another flat tire when we got to my car at the hospital? Well believe it. So we drove down very slowly to the same pinchazo that I stopped at a week ago and he fixed the tire.

Tomorrow I'll post more pictures on the PID Facebook page.

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