Monday, October 15, 2012

Another day at the Hospital

Yesterday we went back to the hospital to get evaluated by the surgeon and to fill out paperwork. We left earlier and got there before seven! Not a whole lot of traffic on Sunday morning and I didn't get a flat tire! Woohoo!

Yesterday there were even MORE kids than on Friday - some that had been signed up before. I would guess around 60-75 patients total. So we did even more waiting then last time.

Kevin having a little snack while waiting outside
Carlitos - snoozing
lots of people waiting
more waiting
We were finally called into the waiting room around 10 am. From there we filled out paperwork then got into another line for weights and blood pressures - which no one really liked. Then we visited the surgeon, then on to anesthesia and then finally to checkout.

Kevin all handsome and ready to see the doctor

The surgeon said that they will not be able to operate on Paula this week because she is too young and still malnourished. One of the translators who lives here in Guatemala gave her mom a special bottle to help her with feedings. That was very kind.

Kevin and Carlitos are scheduled for surgery this week, but we are still waiting to see which day we'll be returning to the hospital.

waiting in line inside

Carlitos was NOT a fan of blood pressure

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