Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sponsored Found and Medical Training

A big THANK YOU to Robert and Joanna for sponsoring Paula right away! In about a day we had two sponsors! I just hope and pray that she pulls through. It's hard being away and trying my best to help her.

In other news Lizzy and I continue our medical training. We started doing physical exams on other students (we must complete six) today. On Tuesday we started our case studies - we have to correctly diagnose and treat 40 "patients" (a sheet of paper with information, symptoms and complaints for each patient).

Topics that have been covered in lecture are: malnutrition and anemia, medications and dosage, immunizations, malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, and some lab tests (among other things).

I think tomorrow we are learning how to do sutures! (Don't worry, we learn on pig's feet)

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