Wednesday, September 19, 2012

** Emergency Sponsorship Needed in Guatemala **

When I called the clinic in Guatemala today to check up on things, Alejandra informed me of this little girl - Paula Griselda Aju Suhul - who came to the clinic today. She has a bad cleft lip and palette an
d is severely malnourished. At birth she weighed approx. 7 lbs and now 1 month later she weighs 5 lbs. Because of her condition she was unable to nurse and her mother stopped producing breast milk. Paula is the youngest of five children in the family. The father is an alcoholic and doesn't support the mother and kids. Her mom has been feeding her water. She is in critical condition. Today at the clinic we gave her formula and money to buy a bottle. She is going to come in on Friday to get weighed and check her progress. We are hoping she will be able to suck on the bottle. Please contact PID if you would like to help.

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