Monday, September 3, 2012

September Child Sponsorship Distribution

Today was the monthly child sponsorship distribution. We had a record of 15 new kids who started this month! A great big THANK YOU to all you sponsors =) Here are some pictures of the day:

the shelf of milk in my office - all ready to go!
143 cartons of eggs
bags containing beans, rice, incaparina, sugar, a box of cornflakes and a bag of powdered milk - the kids were SUPER excited about the cornflakes =)
a long line of mothers and children waiting in front of the clinic
Erick Agustin Toc - Thanks Bonnie!!
Ester Suhul Garcia and her mother - Thanks Atkinson Family Practice!
Isabel Suhul with her cans of formula
Eliezer Coche Natareno - Thanks Bonnie!
Sergio - wouldn't let us take his picture until I bribed him with a toy car
Estrella - Thanks Rebecca!
Maria Gomez Chacaj
Aura Carolina Suhul with a check so that she can keep studying
Jenny with her check - Gracias Erin!
Alicia Sofia Coroy

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