Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today was the team's first day of work. After breakfast, the team got a tour of the clinic this morning and got to meet PID's staff. The construction team worked at PID sifting and making blocks. Mr. Phele remarked that this team is really good at block-making and learned the difficult task quickly. In the afternoon, some of the team went out to the site in Blanchard where we are putting up blocks for a house. There was lots of the passing of blocks and buckets of cement in a line.
The 3 ladies running the children's program worked with 20 kids from Blanchard in the morning, and 20 more in the afternoon. The kids all recieved a hot meal and had lots of fun. The ladies were impressed by the level of focus and attention span the kids have.
The nurse worked with Marceline in triage today. She took vital signs for the pregnant women coming in for prenatal day. She also was able to observe 4 pregnant women get ultrasounds done. She also weighed baby Wislain, the 9-month-old malnourished baby who has been coming in daily for milk and medika mamba. He now weighs in at 9 pounds!

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