Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Searching for Raymunda Gonzalez

The water filter installation team had a bit of an adventure today. Gale found some kids to lead them to Raymunda Gonzalez's house to install a filter. Unfortunately these kids didn't actually know which Raymunda Gonzalez we were looking for. So they were lead to three different houses and then finally ended up at the right house, but the woman already had a filter that we had installed two days ago! Whoops!

The clinic was a busy place today with over 100 patients coming through and training classes for water filters.

We also celebrated Steve and Chandler's birthdays with a vegan chocolate cake made with Guatemalan chocolate. Gale, Julie and I experimented with making the cake and it came out pretty tasty!

***Update from Haiti***
Lizzy contacted us and said that there is no internet, but she wanted to let everyone know that the team arrived safely and are looking forward to a great day tomorrow doing construction and children's programs.

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