Friday, August 31, 2012

The final saga of a long long trip home

Today I was happy to arrive at the airport in Haiti to go home. It has been almost
4 weeks since I left for Guatemala expecting to return from Haiti on August 26. While I was gone my mother broke her arm, my special day with my granddaughter had to be cancelled, my daughters birthday passed and still I was in Haiti. Many appointments had to be rescheduled .
So today was the day!

Upon arriving at the airport, my first surprise was that I was flying into Ft lauderdale and flying out of Miami .
Martha and Michele tried to fix it but I would have to stay
Two nights In ft Lauderdale , if i wanted to fly out of Ft Lauderdale. Of course I had booked a hotel in Miami.

I would have to take a shuttle between airports. First, the plane was delayed because we had an extra person. The extra person was removed, but then someone appeared to be ill. So we were delayed while they removed the sick person. We were 40 minutes late taking off. When we landed we were informed that we had to stay seated as they proceeded to arrest someone on the plane.
We finally got off the plane to find a two hour wait at immigration, by the time we got to the huge customs line I had a new group of friends from the immigration line, and we stood and laughed until we cried, because it was so unbelievable at this point.
I took a van from ft Lauderdale
that was arranged for me by the woman who sat next to me on the plane. Thanks Abby! Although as much as she was convinced he knew his way around Miami, we were lost for 20 minutes trying to find the hotel.
I have 5 hours to sleep before I start a new travel day, which I am hoping will be uneventful and on time.

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