Monday, April 16, 2012

Thursday, April 12

A very full and productive day as always here in Haiti. The midwifery class continues in Bigarade. We actually have 18 students, all arriving on time, fully engaged, staying til the last question is answered. It has been a really impressive showing, including 5 men, the pastor at Bigarade, and children from the midwives we trained last January. The UGFH team continue the ultrasound training, pharmacy database work, education, as well as a mobile clinic at Duvivier, where they saw over 80 patients. Yesterday's mobile clinic treated 75 patients at Bigarade. The children's program continues each day with games, art projects and numerous activities.

The solar panels were picked up by Lizzy and Pouchon today and are stored in our depot, waiting to be installed at the medical clinic.  It will fantastic to have solar power and access to electricity in a consistent way. We are all really looking forward to the installation.

Signing off, more soon- Alison

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