Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday April 16th. We just returned from visiting some of the midwives we trained at Damien in January.  Lizzy and I had a small meeting with 5 of the students and gave out safebirth kits and newborn sets to them. I am so pleased to know that they are really working together, sharing supplies and taking each other to assist at births. It is really a pleasure to see the community of midwives working together, supporting each other, and beginning to form the support system amongst themselves that I imagined.

We saw many patients at the clinic today, as always on Mondays. UFGH sent out a mobile clinic also to Damien today, finishing last week at Sarthe and also an orphanage in Carrefour. Over the weekend we had a wonderful day at the beach at Plage Preval, the UFGH team going on to Moulin sur Mer. Luckily we had a day without rain for our time at the beach.

Neeli, a cardiologist from Detroit, arrived today and worked for the afternoon with Kelly in the clinic.  She will be with us for 10 days. Sarah, an intern, also arrived to work with the children’s program for 3 weeks.  We are pleased to have them both with us. Due to the large amount of rain we haven’t had internet, so have had difficulty posting the blog.

We look forward to a busy and happy week at PID. Love from Alison

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