Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday in Haiti

Today the yoga team went back to Gertrude’s orphanage for the second day of yoga classes there. Gertrude gave the group a tour of the facilities, and sent them each home with a handcrafted necklace as a gift.

This morning, some of our medical team went to visit the old woman who was very sick at her home. Her condition is grave and there was little they could do.  

Linda, the dental hygienist, continues to work long days in order to see all her patients. She is very committed to seeing everyone and still spending  all the time necessary with each patient.

The construction crew finished filling the area in the middle of the clinic, which was filled with dirt, with gravel, so it does not turn into mud in the rain. Four hours later, we were able to test their work because we had a downpour. Brad ran out, during the worst of the storm, to check out how his workmanship was holding up.

The team had tonight’s debrief meeting huddled in a circle under the tarped eating area during this beautiful tropical storm.  Despite its beauty, the storm was also a somber reminder for the team of the people who are still living in tents or poorly built houses, enduring the rain this evening.

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