Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday in Concepcion

Today is another busy day here at the clinic in Guatemala.

Yesterday the two doctors from the team along with our Guatemalan doctor Angelica saw 75 patients. And they ended their day with a house visit to Manuela Soc (Aura's mother).

Today we've put Gale to work in the lab looking at fecal samples for parasites. If she finds some the patient comes back in with the doctor and gets a prescription for the appropriate medicine.

Norm is working with Sergio on building some new water filters for families in the village.

Jack is working on odd jobs and waiting for our dental compressor to arrive. Tomorrow the dental technician is coming and will hopefully install the chair! We have said that we are going to lock him in the clinic until it is all done.

I looked out from my office today to see some cute kids lying on the floor:

Gale put some of the leaders to work outside digging out the back patio.

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