Friday, February 10, 2012

The work day today included setting up the PID Pharmacy’s new computer with a spreadsheet of...

The work day today included setting up the PID Pharmacy’s new computer with a spreadsheet of all the medications available. Thanks to those with Pharmacology skills, this database will make finding and ordering the needed medications even more efficient. In the afternoon, high-school senior Jonathan, his father Andy, and others from the medical and construction team joined the latter half of the mobile clinic in Damien. This time last year Jonathan and his father came on a PID trip, and while in Damien Jonathan played drums using overturned buckets and his own personal drumsticks from home. This year, Jonathan wrote to a professional music company and told them his story. As a result of that, he was able to bring to Damien 50 pairs of drum sticks that the company donated to children in Haiti. Upon arrival at Damien this afternoon, he then gave out the instruments to the ecstatic children surrounding him. Many remembered him, and all of the children excitedly found a place near a bucket, or table, or piece of concrete in order to imitate Jonathan’s drumming patterns. The kids had a fantastic time and will definitely cherish their new sets of drumsticks, as well as the memory of such a great afternoon.

After the team’s workday ended, this evening the team held one final debrief meeting. Although they leave Sunday, it was tonight that everyone shared many meaningful reflections and stories. For some, it was their third or fourth trip to Haiti, for others, this was their first time in a developing country. This team has had a lot of significant insights into the situation in Haiti, as well as a lot of sincere connections with their translators and co-workers, not to mention the kids who hang around the construction site. Then as a final piece of a closing team meeting Mr. Genois came and prayed a prayer of encouragement and thanks for the team’s dedication to PID and Haiti, after he himself shared about his own meaningful work here.


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