Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gale left this morning after a great trip back to Haiti. Today half the medical team held the...

Gale left this morning after a great trip back to Haiti. Today half the medical team held the third and final of this week’s mobile clinics in Bon Repos, while the other half of medical team stayed at PID for today’s prenatal clinic. At this point in the week, the medical practitioners are well into the routine of consulting clients in this setting, and the construction team is gaining momentum with building the foundation for the current house.

Also this week, four desktop computers arrived as a generous donation from Gordon College in MA. Thanks to the youngest team member here, Jonathan, they are now set up and equipped with the necessary programs. We’re really looking forward to having these much-needed additional computers around PID. We put one in the pharmacy for medical use, and one will be used for English lessons and typing practice for the staff, one will be for general office use, and the last one dedicated to small business. We are really, really grateful to have these computers here since they were desperately needed and will make so many tasks much easier.

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