Monday, February 20, 2012

Post by Vanessa Burns

My name is Vanessa Burns and it is my great pleasure to be writing on behalf of the Bridge of Diamonds/Yogakids February yoga team. We have had an incredible time working in Haiti with PID and the children of Blanchard, Damien & Canaan. The children are absolutely amazing!!!!!! Since the first team members arrived on Feb 12, approximately 460 children have enjoyed the yoga program and we have thoroughly enjoyed having this great opportunity to spend time with them and contribute. In addition to the regular classes held every day, our team has had the great pleasure to visit an orphanage and look forward to visiting another one tomorrow afternoon (which will be the last class held for this team). The Haitian people are so strong, kind, inspiring and full of hope despite the absolute hardships they have experienced and continue to endure everyday. We feel incredibly blessed to have learned what it truly means to have hope and strength and we will walk away from this experience with a new perspective on life and a passion to advocate for PID and the difference they are making in the lives of so many. Before we sign off we must also give a huge shout out to our awesome translator Evens, the super awesome PID staff that have taken amazing care of us during our visit, Lauren, Cinda and Martha who helped organize us and to Lizzy and Sandra for their hospitality & friendship that we will never forget! Thank you so much for this amazing experience and opportunity!

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