Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy busy day here in Guatemala today...

There seems to be some sort of virus that has hit our team members and each day a few have to stay back at the hotel. Luckily they aren't out for long - but it does seem to be making it's way around to everyone.

Today was the second day of the children's program and the kids are having a BLAST! I really enjoy hanging out and getting to know them.

The construction team has gotten walls and roof on the depot/storage room. Next is pouring the cement floor. They have also been busy painting a house that PID built last year. You can tell who has been helping paint because there are some kids running around the village withe melon-colored paint all over their bodies.

The two midwives who are here got to see the local health center and the national hospital. They are gaining valuable information and making connections. They are also busy giving workshops to women in the village on various topics ranging from family planning, to healthy babies, to general hygiene.

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