Saturday, April 16, 2011

Guatemala Team

A new team member arrived yesterday - a chicken!  Tali, our field director was given a live chicken from a woman in the village as a thank you for helping to get her very sick child to the hospital.  She brought it home last night in a grocery bag and let it out during our nightly meeting and it hasn’t left us alone.  A matter of fact, it’s sitting right next to me as I’m writing this blog.  It’s a strangely social chicken!

We worked a half day today at the construction site, finishing the stucco work and hauling fill for the foundation.  Carlos said we will be ready to pour the cement floor on Monday.  Christy worked the morning in the clinic seeing the usual moms and children.  However, a man from outside the village asked some of the construction workers if he could be seen for a bad wound on his knee.  After Christy examined him, she found that he had worse problems than his knee.  His blood sugar level was so off and if untreated he was days away from being deathly ill.  They had an ambulance come to take him to the hospital.

In the afternoon, we hiked through the local coffee plantation to a beautiful waterfall.  Just about everyone took a dip under the falling water - what a great day!


  1. Sounds very cool. Can't wait to hear all the stories xoxo

  2. The waterfall sounds terrific!!! Missing Emmy here @ home, especially Li'l Kitty.