Friday, April 15, 2011

Guatemala Team

As Gale wrote, the team arrived safely in Guatemala last night.  We had a great night’s sleep and went to the village to work this morning.  The construction crew is working on Norm Labbe’s sponsored child’s house - it’s great because Norm is with us!  We dumped many wheelbarrows of fill into the foundation to prepare to lay the floor.  The crew also helped to stucco the inside walls of the house.  Some of us were more skilled at it than others.  As always the children of the village wanted to help and kept us entertained and smiling all day long.  The entire construction crew is amazing, they are working so hard.  All the parents of the Kennebunk Interact Club should be very proud of their children! Norm worked at getting all the supplies and tools he will need to install the chlorine filter in the new clinic.  Once he installs it, the new clinic will have safe water to drink!  Lastly, Christy, an emergency room RN (and our only medical team member) worked at the clinic today seeing many patients.  She will return on Monday to work in the clinic, however, she did ask if she could work a morning or two with us on construction.  We plan to work Saturday morning and then take a hike through the coffee plantation and up to a waterfall. 

Many on the team who were planning to call home are unable to get cell phone reception.  So if you were expecting to get a call from your child, don’t worry, they tried but couldn’t get through.  Everyone is doing great!

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  1. Proud of our KHS kids and ALL who are working there.