Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you for all of the offers to buy a new pole . Thankfully it was 500 gordes
About $13 . So we have electricity tonight. Today was a sad day. We learned the mother we rushed to the hospital on Sat. , lost her baby. The man having congestive heart failure who we could only get into the general hospital sat there for two days with no food or water. Finally a security guard
Gave him money for a taptap. He came back to the clinic. It is a mystery to me how he made it. He can not wall more than 5 feet without breaking into a sweat and hardly being able to breath. He stayed all day. We feed him three times. He wants to go with his kids in hinche but he is not strong enough to make the bus ride. Pray we have wisdom to get strong enough so we can send him to his relatives. We drove him home to find out he lives in a tiny tent . He is 63 and totally paralized on his left side. Medishare who we work with all the time is starting to charge , which will eliminate most of our referrals. Our little three year old has gained about .7 ounces. Still can’t walk
He is so cute.

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