Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day in the Life

I thought a “day in the life of Gale Hull in Haiti” post might be amusing, so here it goes:

Rise at 5am because of the goat. Finish unpacking medical supplies. Make breakfast for US and nationals (28 people). Called in for triage consulate. Set up child sponsorship distribution. Make breakfast for the 21 year old diabetic and the 3 year old who weighs 17 lbs. Staff meeting. Set up Daphnee’s work. Teach kitchen people how to make Shepard’s Pie and cornbread for lunch. Load the car up with surgical equipment for a hospital. Cook lunch for Daphnee. Set up snacks for small business classes. Work on child sponsorship. Meet with Brooke. Cook dinner in the dark (electricity is out). Talk to Nathan and Pouchon about tomorrow’s schedule. Try to figure out what we will have for breakfast. Never made it to grocery store.

Go to bed knowing we will have no electricity, because a pole fell down, and all the people on the street have to chip in to get a new pole. The generator we bought new 3 or 4 months ago is also broken. Goodbye electricity. :-(

Go to bunkhouse, hearing Nathan say If we don’t have lights in here, we can’t see the tarantulas. Which is worse, knowing or not knowing? Finally in my room, and I start to hear a creaking noise in the storage room next to me. Nathan volunteers to come in and check, just in time to see the tower of supplies crash.

Tweet and goodnight.

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