Thursday, November 16, 2017

End to a full week in Haiti

A new friend.

Yesterday the last of our mixed-bag medical team left Haiti. We had three mini groups of mostly medical professionals from Massachusetts, Oregon and Kentucky, as well as construction team people from those states. The nurses were able to see so many patients over the week, including one day when I think half of the town came to be seen in the clinic. That day we had 12 people seeing patients! So we were able to accomodate all the people without having to rush through it. Its a good day when you don't have to turn away a sick person at the gate!

The construction team was able to start on the new land in Sibert also! The new house now has a complete foundation and the walls. They made a ton of progress in just one week.

The first PID house in Sibert!

Jonas and Shade

Many from this team sponsor children through PID. They were able to visit with the kids for a few hours and make some memories together.

Donna (right) and her sponsored child, Arshley.

John and Lynn, with Nerly, their sponsored child.

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