Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Emergency: Sponsor needed for Fritznelson in Haiti

Fritznelson lives in a house with 17 other people.
The Thomas family urgently needs sponsorship for little Fritznelson. The family of 18 lives in a 3 room house. The mother of Fritznelson suffers from mental illness as do at least two of the older children. As a result the grandmother (pictured above) and grandfather care for the household. Fritznelson's father is believed deceased and his mother is not working due to her limitations.

Grandma and Grandpa with a few of the grandchildren

Fritznelson is currently getting formula and nutrition cookies from PID to get his weight back up. If you are able to sponsor Fritznelson, please log on to www.pidonline.org and click 'Donate', then 'Child Sponsorship', then input the following information to set up a paypal payment:

H2043 Fritznelson Thomas

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  1. Thank you! Fritznelson has sponsors, now!