Thursday, May 11, 2017

Clara needs a sponsor in Haiti

This is Clara Bien-Aime. The PID social worker says that every day, Clara's mom wakes up at dawn to go get plantains to sell in the streets, carrying them up to 14 hours on a basin on her head, and will sometimes have to sell until 8 or 9:00 at night in order to be able to pay back the money she borrowed in order to buy the plantains in the first place. Then she gets up the next morning and does this whole exhausting routine again. Sending her daughter Clara to school is a far away dream, and Clara did not go to school at all this year.

If you can help Clara's parents send her to school, please log onto our website and Click "donate". Clara's full info is:

Clara Bien-Aime
Age: 7
Child Sponsorship number: H1030

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