Thursday, March 9, 2017

Medical teams in and out in Haiti

Our two visiting NP's Julianne and Robert have left us to return home to Ontario and San Francisco, respectively. They had an amazing week and helped so many patients, and also made real connections with the medical Haitian staff here. They were even able to work in the clinic in the morning before they left, so we thank them for that!

Kwan Kew is staying another week and will overlap with the UMass Darthmouth Nursing team (plus the doctors and nurses who accompany the students). A few of the team's sponsored kids already came into the office this morning to see if their sponsors arrived yet. This picture is little Wood Kerline and Wood Kerlande, twin girls whose sponsors arrive later today with the team. Their mom came early hoping to meet the sponsors but they'll have to wait a little longer. The girls are adorable and were all dressed up in matching sandals. I can't wait for them to meet their new American friends. :)
Wood-Kerlande, Wood-Kerline, their mom and me. Note the adorable sandals.

Robert, Kwan Kew and Julianne on their last breakfast at PID.

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