Friday, March 10, 2017

Busy and successful day in Haiti

The first day went really well for the team. They saw 88 kids from PID's child sponsorship program today for Well Childs check up's, well over 100 patients in the regular clinic, and the construction students came back from Canaan sweaty, dusty and tired. So all in all a successful day!

At the debrief meeting tonight several of the nurses shared with the nursing students many words of encouragement about working in the medical field. For many of the students, today was the first day they had ever seen such a high number of patients with a lack of food, water or access to medical care. One student described watching a two year old boy at the work sight drink an enormous glass of water that she gave him as if it was the only water he had had all day. His intense thirst broke her heart because clean water is so readily accessible back in the United States - and dyhydration is so dangerous, especially for children. Encounters like this are hard but they certainly open your eyes to the worlds' problems. People with such limited resources are the ones we are trying to help with service trips- both medical ones as well as construction.

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