Monday, February 27, 2017

End to a great week in Haiti, plus a special Birthday visit

This morning the team left, leaving Dr. Clark behind in Haiti for another few days. The team's collaboration with the Haitian staff at the constuction site and around here on the PID campus was appreciated, as was their sense of humor and great attitude.

Mark and Patricia look at the house they helped build.

Construction teams make building houses possible for PID.

Patricia was also able to meet her 17-year old sponsor child, Lovely. This was just in time her her birthday, which is today. Lovely was able to join us for dinner on the team's last night and chat with us a bit. The two made a special connection.

Patricia and Lovely

Clark, Abdias, Mark, Lovely, Patricia and Julia after dinner last night

A few hours after the team left, Mr. Thomas came by the office at PID to work out some final details before moving into his PID house TOMORROW! Excited does not begin to describe how we all feel about this move. He will be moving into a completed house right next to where this team was working, but he had wanted to meet the team anyways. The team missed Mr. Thomas by a few hours but he wished them blessings and expressed his gratitiude for all the teams that come and make building houses possible. 

Mr. Thomas always wears a hat.

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