Friday, January 20, 2017

Loras College hard at work

Madame Adeline burst into happy tears when she learned her family was getting a toilet.
Bathrooms are more than a conveniece: they are a public health concern.
Loras College continues the work on the duplex in Canaan that is almost finished, as well as the single. They are also building a special project that a department of their school fundraised for: a latrine toilet for Madame Adeline, a very loved member of our staff. Adeline's house was damaged after the earthquake, and a PID team repaired it. Eric Eller, the team leader (and professor) for the Loras students remembers working on that house on one of his first trips. After meeting Gale and starting to work at PID, Adeline is now a very well known and loved staff member who trip participants always remember.

The team has to dig a 10 foot hole for the latrine.

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