Thursday, December 8, 2016

What a week in Haiti

Olman shows off his craft project.

 What a week we've had in Haiti. This past week was the Christmas party (or parties, really) for the 550+ kids in our sponsorship program. We held 4 parties and well over 100 kids came to each party. The kids enjoyed crafts, a delicious hot meal, writing (or coloring) a Christmas card for their sponsors, and of course, they all received presents! This year the big present for every child was a soccer ball. Soccer (or foutbol in Creole) is a BIG deal in Haiti, so getting a soccer ball made the kids really happy.

600 soccer balls!

 The team of 21 volunteers included veteran Christmas party planners and newcomers. In addition to the party the team built 3 shelter homes for 3 families from Molea, the town built on a dump. Those families homes were damaged in the October hurricane, so they will be able to use the shelters as their homes as they rebuild. The team also headed to Canaan for a few days of work to continue work on homes there.

Delva and Ann
Brad and his sponsor child
The team in front of a shelter they built in Molea

The team packing candy and brownies into goody bags

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