Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Patrick's new temporary house

Patrick in front of his new place

Remember Patrick from Molea? He was on the blog after the hurricane took down the structure he was living in at the time. Today the construction team was able to make him a nice temporary tarp house, so that he doesn't have to sleep with friends anymore. Patrick is 20 and is trying to finish high school. Most of his family was killed in the earthquake in 2010. This tarp dwelling may not seem like much to the average American, and it is not at all a permanent solution for Patrick, but it is a solid next step for him. For now, he has a clean and dry place to stay.

Some of the medical team with Patrick (and local kids)
The medical team has done two mobile clinics -today and yesterday- in the same town where Patrick lives. The community is one of the most devastating places you will visit. It consists of hundreds of tarp houses and similar structures all built amidst a public dump. The people that live there would not live there if they had other options. Its a very heartbreaking town and the people there are very grateful when PID teams come and do mobile clinics. The people in the town were also pretty happy for Patrick - since they all seem to know his story and appreciate that he received some help.

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