Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Emergency: Sponsor needed for baby Johana

This is Johana Nicolas. At almost 10 months old, she weighs less than 11 pounds! She never cries, smiles or laughs. Her little limbs have no strength and she seems weak and tired. While her mother was still pregnant with her, the baby's father died of an unknown illness. The mother is currently in the hospital and has been in the hospital for some time. Johana has been underweight her whole life. Today the family came to PID to see if we could help. We sent her family home with formula and baby cereal, but we need the help of a sponsor to continue the support.

To sponsor Johana, go to PID's website and click Donate, then click Child Sponsorship, or click here. Her sponsorship information is:

Johana Nicolas

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  1. We are sponsoring Johana! Just a reminder that there are other boys and girls who need sponsors. Check out the kids who could use your help.
    Thoughts and prayers for Haiti as Hurricane Matthew is right over Port-Au-Prince as I keyboard this.
    Kathy and Rocky- Massachusetts