Thursday, July 28, 2016

Social Justice Education Update

It has been an exciting year for establishing PID's program for social justice education. This new dimension to PID's work complements PID's development projects on the ground in Haiti, Guatemala and the Mississippi Delta by studying and addressing connections between historical justice issues, on political and macroeconomic levels, and the impoverishing conditions that PID aspires to address at our three operational sites. Our team currently is at work developing educational modules for both PID supporters and local citizen groups. Watch for future blogs for details.   

A stimulating aspect of this work includes field research with various civic and public sector groups in Haiti, Guatemala, and the Mississippi Delta. For example, in a recent trip to Guatemala, Gale and I interviewed multiple civic and governmental groups, including UNRG, a former guerrilla group during the Guatemala Civil War (now a legitimate political party); national ministers of agriculture , education, and national reconciliation; WINAQ, the first indigenous people party; and Guatemalan university faculty with specialties in social justice studies. Likewise in Mississippi, we have interviewed a plethora of social players ranging from plantation owners to civil rights and ecclesiastical leaders. And next month, we are off for Haiti, where we will continue to develop research and educational connections.----Anyone interested in participating in PID's committee for social justice education may meet with our team at the PID Ipswich office or participate through our distant support network.We welcome a variety of skill sets from literature and curricular reviewers to field researchers to general support persons. Write me at, James hull  

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