Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Last Day is for Mustaches!

The children's program had their final day of activities. They made flower bouquets, pom-pom puppies and also had a musical chair competition where the people who were left without chairs had to put on fake mustaches. The kids were a little skeptical at first, but then they thought it was hilarious!

The CPR/First Aid class had their emergency simulation in the morning. This will help them be prepared in case of a natural disaster. I am proud of all the students for being pro-active in preparing themselves to be able to help others if and when it is needed.

We also managed to pull off a surprise birthday lunch for Gale! Complete with her favorite meal - chicken breast stuffed with cheese and loroco - and a piñata! We invited some families to come and help us celebrate and bust open the piñata. It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful woman. In the afternoon they loaded into the bus and headed to Guatemala City where they spent the night and flew back early to the U.S.

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