Monday, June 27, 2016

Guatemala Update

Saturday the team worked on the construction sites in the morning. In the afternoon they travelled to and toured the ancient Mayan Ruins of Tak'alik Ab'aj. They learned about Mayan culture and enjoyed the change of scenery. Sunday they spent the day exploring the Spanish colonial city of Antigua. They toured the chocolate museum, viewed the city from a lookout hill, enjoyed lunch surrounded by views of volcanoes, learned about Jade, discovered their Mayan spirit animals, sampled exotic ice cream and did some souvenir shopping! It was a busy day exploring and they all enjoyed their day off.

Today it was back to work in the village. The crew in Desierto finished the stucco and poured the floors on our 2nd house. In Saquiy they made significant progress on the foundation. The afternoon was filled with laughing children doing crafts and singing silly songs.

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