Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Accomplishments

After a day trip to Lake Atitlan on Sunday the team was back to work in the village today.

One person helped Flor make the nutritious cookies that we give out to malnourished children to help them gain weight. The ingredients include powdered milk, vegetable shortening and peanut butter among other things. Their dough today made 198 cookies!!

The stove crew installed out last two stoves bringing our total to 10!! Including a new stove especially designed for making tortillas for Marcelina who makes the team lunches everyday. It is such a difference to go into her kitchen and see zero smoke!!

This morning I went with two team members to talk to Santos, a woman who received a house last year from PID. We asked her what color she would like her house to be and she answered "a happy color". Can you guess what color we chose? You will find out tomorrow.

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