Friday, April 29, 2016

Haiti highlights

Here are some highlights from the past weeks here in Haiti.

March was a a busy month. After the nursing student team from UMass Dartmouth left, Dr. Terry came to spend two weeks at PID working in the clinic. Terry did a lot of work with Samuel in the Hypertension programs and Diabetes programs, refining how he keeps data. She saw so many patients during her two weeks here and we can't wait to have her back!

In early April I got to participate in the PID annual celebration. I saw so many familiar faces of folks who come to Haiti on trips. I got to share some stories from PID Haiti at the celebration. One story included the success of a little boy here named Ederson. He is 3 years old now; and 6 months ago he was so, so, sick. He was malnourished despite months of receiving the nutritious mamba cookies through our program. His belly was so distended that some speculated he might have had a tumor. after taking him to several hospitals, it turned out that inconsistency with eating was causing his troubles. Through donors' generosity and the small business program at PID, Ederson's mother Cendy is able to give her children food daily. This family's life has truly been changed. At the Celebration, I got to share pictures of Ederson standing up straight! It might seem as though a 3-year-old learning to stand is not an impressive feat, but for those who know him, we know that 6 months ago that standing on his own would seem impossible.

Soon after returning to Haiti, Connor joined us at PID to start his 2 month internship. Connor spent the prior month in Haiti at a music school so he already has quite a bit of Creole under his belt. Here, Connor is helping Ederson practice his standing.

Connor and Ederson

Avery also got some really good news about little Babylove, a child in our malnutrition program. For those not following Babylove's story - she is a TINY baby who has a dangerous hole in her heart due to complications from Down's Syndrome. The PIH hospital in Mirbalais consulted her last Saturday and concuded that she could be eligible for an operation to repair that hole in September -she just needs to hang on until then. The challenge with Babylove is keeping her weight up. So please pray for Babylove and her wonderful mom Cynthia to keep going strong until the Fall.

Senthia and Babylove

Senthia and Avery (holding Babylove)

On Sunday night Lizzy (Barnes) Koah arrived. Lizzy (now a married madame!) is the previous Field Director here in Haiti and is here for a week-long trip. On Monday morning when she appeared in the Clinic and Admin building to greet staff, there were so many happy faces, hugs and even some tears of joy. Lizzy is so, so loved here. And she loves her previous co-workers so, so much. This has been such a special visit so far.

Betty, Darlie, and Lizzy

Lizzy and Jonnette

Yesterday afternoon we also got the opportunity to visit employee Jonnette's house-in-progress. Like Sultanne, another employee, Jonnette received a PID loan to build a house in the area. She is excited to have a space for herself and her husband one day. Jonnette and Lizzy are good friends so it was nice for us to all be able to visit the work site together.

All of us at the work site of Jonnette's new house

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