Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hello to our February team (...and a January review!)

Loras College and friends at the work site in Canaan
January was a busy and very successful month for PID. Loras College was the last of three college teams that worked on construction in Canaan. They did a terrific job and put up the walls of a house. Meanwhile, Dr. Mary Knox, an OBGYN, worked with PID's pregnant women and matrons of the area, with her daughter's help. Team leaders Eric and Neely were excited to reconnect with their sponsor family. The sponsor child, Venia was a two-year old when the 2010 earthquake happened, and was under the earthquake rubble for three days before she was rescued. Today she is a healthy little girl.

Eric and sponsor child Venia

For more information about sending a child to school through PID's sponsorship program, click here.

We were happy to welcome Clark, a family doctor, to Haiti on Monday. He has run a mobile clinic every day this week in the areas surrounding Blanchard. On Monday and Tuesday Clark will offer a reinforcement training to lay midwives whom graduated from the Midwife Training classes in past months. For the rest of the week he'll team up with clinic staff and Dr. Paul, our Haitian doctor.

High school students from Dartmouth, Massachusetts arrived this afternoon, along with three nurse practitioners, an RN, and an occupational therapist. The students will be finishing houses in Canaan while the medical professionals see patients in our clinic, offering much appreciated care to the Blanchard community. We are excited to see new people among the familiar faces!


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