Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year Update

Happy 2016!!! PID started off the new year with a visit from Gordon College near Boston. The students worked on a half-duplex/half-emergency complex in Canaan. They were able to meet one family who will eventually move into the duplex side. The team began working from the ground up and was able to lay the foundation and build the bottom half of the house walls.

Gordon College working in Canaan

Soon after Gordon left, a team of two nurses and a nursing student arrived to lead a midwife training class. The instruction is designed for women and men who assist with safe births in their communities. The midwife team will be teaching back to back classes for two groups of matrons from Molea. On Sunday, two RN nurses arrived here and will work in the clinic for two weeks, aiding the clinic staff with well child check ups for sponsor children.

Sarah Holt and Alison Childs teach the midwife class, with Showdy interpreting

Students from Loras College in Iowa arrived Tuesday night. After packing lunch and lots of water this morning, they were off for their second day of work in Canaan. They will be completing the two houses which Gordon College began.

With a packed bunkhouse and many different projects taking place here in Haiti, the year has certainly gotten off to a exciting, productive start!

- Avery 

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