Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Papa Ev-leen is here in Haiti

Phillip and Kris, after painting. 

As you likely know, Evelyn has been one of our interns for the summer. She was joined by her father yesterday, who will spend a week working with PID. As soon as he arrived yesterday, the two went for a walk and around the area and to see some PID houses, and he met about a thousand friends and co-workers of Evelyn's, all excited to meet Papa Ev-leen.

"Papa Evelyn" 's project for the week started today: smoothing, repairing and painting a one-room PID house for our friend and employee Nickenson. If you've ever traveled to PID Haiti then you most likely have met and fell in love with Nickenson. He works here as a landscaper part-time. Nickenson is a hard-working, optimistic, funny and smart young man, who has not let life's obstacles get in his way. (Nickenson is disabled, and folks don't always treat him right).

Nick's housing situation is less than ideal, so this month or early next month, he will be moving into a small PID house here in Blanchard through our Mortgage program. Evelyn told me about the pride Nickenson had while working on his soon-to-be home this morning.

The work in progress. 

Also this week, Evelyn's 30 Hour Fast raised over $1,600! We will use the money to buy food for families near us who are having a hard time making ends meet. We plan to buy (a lot) of live chickens with this money, as well as possibly other food, so stay tuned to the blog for some interesting pictures of that! 

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