Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bonswa from Haiti! ... a blog post from Intern Mike

Any day a team arrives, a transformation happens at PID. The morning before arrival, the staff prepares rooms where the team will stay, the cooks buy (lots) more food from the market to make tasty dishes throughout the week, and final touches are put on plans for the upcoming work project.  Then, the minute the team arrives; the energy on the base increases dramatically.  Today was no different.

The team from Maine (mostly recent high school graduates from Cheverus in Maine) arrived today at around 4pm after a flight delay.  As soon as they got off the bus they got situated in their rooms, got a tour of the compound, and set to work organizing the supplies they brought with them from the US office.  After that, the team enjoyed a dinner of rice, beans, chicken and veggies before heading to the roof for their orientation meeting.  It’s about ten o’clock now, everyone’s relaxing or headed to bed after a long day, tired but safe and sound.  Excitement is high for the upcoming week of painting and construction work at the town of Canaan!

Posted by Intern Mike. 

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