Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A new village brings new experiences

Today was another busy day at the clinic. Between the three providers on the team and the guatemalan doctor we saw around 130 patients today. Did a lot of stool samples and a few ultrasounds.
This week we are trying something new and sending a pickup truck to bring in patients from a village that is far away (but still part of San Antonio) called Barrios 1. We have a few emergency sponsored kids from that area and it is a part of town that has a great need. 99% of the stool samples were positive for parasites and many children are malnourished. We are just starting to form a relationship with the people, but I can already tell that they are eager for our help.

Since we are in rainy season it is always a bit of a guessing game about when it will pour. The team got a little wet walking up to the bus today, but they are real troopers! They worked an extra hour to finish seeing all the patients that came in the pickup truck.

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