Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeping busy with this week's team

We've been keeping busy here in the Haiti office and around PID. The team is never tired of finding new projects to do after the day's work in the clinic and at construction is done. Tuesday afternoon I found half the team in the clinic room repairing the EKG machine. Our two American doctors here and our tech saavy team members collaborated to try to get it running again. One team member volunteered to be the patient hooked up to the machine. Every time they made progress in fixing the machine they would either erupt in applause or burst out laughing (they got some strange readings from the machine at first).

Us getting a kick out of the machine readings.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon I found 5 of the team ladies sorting through our MASSIVE collection of donated eyeglasses. They sat around for 2 hours organizing, cleaning, and disposing of un-usable glasses! Its definitely a task I never would have gotten around to, so I really appreciate their work on this.

Sorting glasses...

... and trying them on.
So many glasses!

Here are some more shots of the team painting, working on plumbing and wiring in the new kitchen (which will actually be OUTSIDE the clinic building!) and working in the clinic.

Team members painting in the bunkhouse.

A visiting American NP and her translator/buddy Johnny.

Brad (center) and Doudou working on kitchen cabinets.

Nickenson helping with the electric work in the clinic.

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  1. You forgot to mention that the guys fixed the EKG machine using plumbing parts! :)