Monday, April 27, 2015

Great ending to a very accomplished week

The last members of this week's team have gone. It was an incredibly accomplished week.

The carpenter's and electricians finished everything on their huge long list, including the new kitchen's drain and electrical. All that remains is to smooth the floor, then we can move in the stove and fridge. The old kitchen will be used as a clinic room for visiting doctors and nurses from teams from the US.

The two visiting doctors and nurses from the US also had a great week. On Friday it seemed word had gotten out to the community that we had visiting medical people. The clinic was chaje moun, that is, packed with people, and our visiting medical professionals saw over 120 people.

Two other team members organized my mess of a filing cabinet and other tedious clerical tasks. (Believe me, this was a huge accomplishment, haha!)

A great week and the team will be missed.

PS. Also on the list of accomplishments: Mr. Genois gave his goodbye talk entirely in English, no translation needed. :)

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