Thursday, March 5, 2015

Goodbyes and chicken pox

Today we said goodbye to Gale in the morning as she headed off with Sergio to Guatemala City to fly to Mississippi. It was great having her around. The people in the village love her and really enjoy it when she comes to visit.

Kelly and Jen were back in the clinic seeing patients today. They took the whole team to see Maria who lives down by the river. Maria is an elderly lady who was in an accident about 6 years ago when a crate of chickens fell off a truck and onto her. She suffered injury to her hip and leg that never quite healed. So now she lives alone and sits on a rock outside her house all day with so much pain. Kelly always makes it a point to go and see her to bring her pain meds and tums. Maria enjoys the company. They finished the day with two cases of chicken pox.

Cynthia's knitting groyp seems to be growing each day!! We have some very skilled knitters and we hope to sell some of their items on etsy and give them the money for their education.

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