Sunday, March 8, 2015

Going and Coming

The team wrapped up their time in the village on Friday.

Judy and Ruth spent the morning learning to cook with Marcelina. They made chicken pepian with rice and tortillas. As always they were quite impressed by all she does and left with a new respect for the women in the village who spend all day cooking for their family. Then after lunch most of the team headed out to deliver the plates of food to elderly people in the village. They enjoyed seeing the more personal side of the village and getting into people's homes.

Dr. Tim left the ultrasound machine in the hands of Meli and Flor. What they need right now is a lot of practice to gain skill and confidence. This little machine that is the size of a laptop is going to make a world of difference in our clinic and we are so excited.

Saturday the team went and spent the day at Lake Atitlan. Today 4 members left and three new people have arrived safely at the hotel. Tonight we will all have dinner together and a welcome meeting. We are looking forward to another great week of work in Village Concepcion Ixtacapa.

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