Monday, March 2, 2015

First Ultrasound in the PID clinic

Today the team started work in the village. We have a wide variety of projects going on this week - from seeing patients to knitting to counseling sessions to *drum roll please* the new ultrasound machine that was donated to the clinic!

Dr. Tim spent the day teaching Meli and Flor how to do ultrasounds. They learned the theory in the morning and put it into practice in the afternoon. They were able to do three patients this afternoon and will continue all week long. This is such an exciting edition to the clinic that will help us with dating in pregnancy and identifying potential high risk cases. Meli was thrilled and had a look of pure excitement on her face when she described how they saw the baby move and its little heart beat.

Kelly and Jen saw patients all day long. While Meli was in her ultrasound class Gale worked in the pharmacy distributing the medicine and realized how difficult it must be to go home with a bag full of medicine and have to remember specific instructions for each of them. Luckily we have two guys on the team that have come up with a solution! A small device that records the voice of the doctor telling the patient how to take the medicine. They are working this week interviewing doctors and patients to inprove on their project.

Judy did some counseling sessions - with many tears. And Cynthia was knitting out back with the ladies. This is going to be a great week!

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