Friday, February 6, 2015

What we do here- works

We did some awesome work today with well childs, dental hygiene and hand washing presentations at local schools, and regular patient visits.

The visits to the schools yesterday and today were carried out beautifully by half the group, while the other half stayed at PID and saw children from sponsorship for well-child's (check-ups every kid gets annually) as well as regular patients. The team is rotating these roles soeveryone  will get a chance to do all of these roles.

Here are some shots from school visits: 

The above picture of the little girl kneeling is one I wanted to share from the dental hygiene and hand-washing presentations today. That little girl is a buddy of mine who I would always see around town (on weekdays, meaning, not in school). Well, in December during the Christmas party one of the Americans on the trip began sponsoring her from the online list of kids who are waiting for sponsors. Today when I walked into the classroom with the nurses, ready for our dental hygiene demonstration, there was Rachelle, the little girl who was always hanging around. The little girl with no parents around and an aunt unable to send her to school. There was Rachelle, excited when she saw me (although not looking too psyched to be learning french grammar) but more importantly in uniform, in school, in an educational environment! I know this experience of seeing Rachelle today is a reminder from above about how what we do WORKS. Rachelle's life is changed, because of Sponsorship. I was moved to tears talking to the team about this after work today. Sponsorship works. It works, it works, it works.

Tomorrow we venture out to have a mobile clinic at a town near Molhea called Tritrier (spelling?), also near a dump. The team just packed suitcases full of over-the-counter meds that are hard to come by here in Haiti, but totally cheap and accessible in the US. Feeling very grateful for this job that lets me witness these everyday miracles.

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  1. This is the girl my wife and I sponsored...LOVE seeing this!