Friday, February 20, 2015

And they're off...

Well... its hard to believe but the team just boarded the bus to head to the airport. A great team of high school students who never complained, always looked out for each other, and loved playing with the kids. We had a photojournalist from a local newspaper interviewing people and photographing life here as well as the PID programs in action. Finally we had 4 skilled nurses providing care for people who really needed it. Last night at debrief the adult team members reflected on how valuable it is for young adults ages 16 to 17 years old to see the things they have seen this week. This group was very generous and big-hearted, giving away almost all of their clothes and toiletries to both the Canaan community and the community here surrounding the clinic. Many of the team members hope to come back next year.

 Here are a few images from the past week at the construction site.

Bucketing cement into the foundation of a house

A team member with her little friend Soudjia, in Canaan

The construction group saying goodbye to Canaan kids outside the bus on their last work day

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