Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transformation Tuesday from Guatemala

During last week's team Brian had the opportunity to do some much needed repairs on Isabel's house. Isabel is an elderly woman (in her 80s) who is sponsored along with another elderly woman by the Plymouth Godmothers. She receives a bag of food each month. She has been asking Abby and Gale for a while to repair her house. Last year PID bought her some tin to repair the worst spots. This time around it was her lucky day! Brian and Sergio went and took measurements and then went to buy the supplies to put new tin on her house. As you can see from the first picture the house wasn't exactly waterproof during rainy season with those big gaps near the roof. And the tin was so thin and rusted that just placing your hand on the wall could cause a big hole in the tin!
Isabel was so excited about these house repairs and was even supervising the guys. She wanted to make sure it was done right and even told Sergio to move a few things over a little. So adorable.
So now Isabel has a home that will keep out the waters of rainy season. From rusty tin shack with gaps to a shiny tin home - our #TransformationTuesday !

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