Monday, December 22, 2014

Orphanage Christmas Parties

Gertrude's Orphanage:

Billy and Dru, the annual Christmas Party people, brought booklets called "My Life" where we got the kids to write about what they are happy for in their life. They will have these for all the parties, they have coloring and connect-the-dots in them too. Today when we were at Gertrude's orphanage, the kids were a tough crowd to manage but they LOVED the visit. More than half of the kids there have some sort of handicap. Lynn from the team had big balloons for the wheelchair bound kids- it was brilliant! A lot of those kids have low fine motor abilties so the balloons were a genius idea.

Larousse Orphanage:

Samuel here getting the kids riled up. Tennis balls, My Life books, necklaces and games. Sounded like a good party!

(Photo credit: Billy Secord)

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